"LS Curb services is always very responsive, punctual, and does high quality work. Dallas 1 values our relationships with our subcontractors and LS Curb is at the top of our list! We highly recommend LS Curb!"
David W. Carney
Dallas1 Corporation
"Regardless of the site conditions, budget or planning challenges the LS Curb team always has a good attitude and always works very hard to accommodate everyone’s needs. We enjoy working with the LS Curb team and would not hesitate in recommending them for any job."
Lee Burton
Tiger Contracting LLC
Cook Construction Logo
"As a longtime repeat customer of LS Curb Service, it is one aspect of a project that I never have to worry about. The work that LS Curb does is exceptional. Without a doubt LS Curb is my go to choice for our curbing needs on any project. I am always happy to refer them to anyone that asks me in the field about curbing on a project."
Stephen McLeod
Cook Construction Co., Inc.
"LS Curb provides excellent services. Their employees are knowledgeable and just overall a great team to work with. They value both time and money and complete projects within the stipulated deadline. The same can be said about heir pricing policy. They are extremely competitively priced. I would recommend them for any project."
Ed Hnosko
Clark HuntTractor Service, Inc
"L.S. Curb is the premier concrete contractor in the Tampa Bay area. From providing quality, on time bids; to exceptional project management, they are able to step up and meet any challenge head on. We at Ripa consistently talk about the value of assembling the correct project team. L.S. is curb is an integral part of that team, and their ability to provide the resources and expertise to handle any size project is critical to our success. They are truly an asset to our organization."
John L. Flinn, Jr.
Ripa & Associates Inc.
"L.S. Curb service has been doing Wetherington Tractor Services concrete work, including curbs of all types, flat work, ADA compliant work and miscellaneous other concrete projects since L.S. Curb started business approximately 18 years ago. L.S. has always preformed in a professional and timely manner. The personnel from the management staff thru the construction crews work with our personnel well. I would recommend L. S. Curb Services to anyone needing commercial concrete services."
Kimball W. Wetherington
Wetherington Tractor Service, Inc
"QGS would like to take this opportunity to recognize and extend our gratitude to LS Curb Service for the great partnering you continue to provide to us. We have partnered on countless projects over the last 15 years and LS Curb Service has shown extreme consistency throughout our relationship. QGS appreciates having a TEAM member that strives to stay on schedule and remain within budget.

QGS would also like to recognize LS Curb Service management from ownership, estimating, supervisors, and field foreman your team always has the projects best interest in mind. Your willingness to get involved in making recommendations to alleviate potential hazards and conflicts speaks greatly for your organization. QGS could not be happier with the communication, response time, production and overall quality of the work your team provides us and we look forward to the next 15 years of doing business together.

On behalf of QGS thank you for servicing our needs from beginning to end. Keep up the great work."
Daniel Woody
QGS Development Inc
FDOT Concrete Paving SR 50

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FDOT Concrete Paving SR 50
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